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What You Need To Know About Orchidea Cut Diamonds and Jewelry Store

Posted November 27, 2013 by Queen in Diamond Jewelry
diamond jewelry

Orchidea Cut

 Diamonds are forever, goes the common refrain.Diamond jewelry represents the finest class of fashion accessory that is in high regard across the globe. Anyone wearing a diamond apparel exudes a taste of distinction,class and appeal that goes with the rich and famous.The celebrities love Orchidea Cut diamonds for the rare look it confers and the attendant rave reviews that are sure to follow such outing.In the major cities of the world, the high taste fashion outlets have this class of jewelry in stock;Sydney, Paris,New York, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles,Ontario but to name a few. This makes them a mecca of sorts for the world’s rich and famous, who take their rounds of shopping through these destinations several times in the year.

The brand names in Diamond jewelry are diverse churning out items of clothing, watches, belts, bracelets,necklace bags and facial regimen with foremost designer names.

Where to order;

Diamond Jewelry can be sourced from online stores and niche outlets across global city centers with a characteristic upmarket outlook.Bespoke designers can be reached online for various stylized and personalized accessories that are made to fit specific occasions, personalities and events as may be required. Online stores make their ready wear designs available while some allow buyers to give an idea of what they require which is presented online by use of design software that gives patrons a ready idea of what their order will look like when completed.

Sourcing For Orchidea Cut Diamonds

Designers trade apparels of Orchidea Cut diamonds to appeal to different class of shoppers. For ladies, items that stand out for attraction include;







Lockets ,Chains, earrings and rings

For men, diamond jewelry will appeal in;


Wrist watches,


But on the whole, shoppers look out for some distinctive before they buy a piece of Orchidea Cut diamond whether in clothing or jewelry;

The Orchidea Cut

A Orchidea Cut diamond’s shape is determined by how it was cut. The brilliance and artistry deployed in the cut will ultimately reflect on how it gets priced. It is commonly agreed that Orchidea Cut diamonds must never be cut too shallow or deep so that light continues to radiate with stability. Inert cuts will make light escape easily and reduce the value of the stone.

For the shopper. it is best to review the available shape in the market .I this way, it becomes easier to be acquainted with the forms that are collectible and pick out a favorite. The eccentrics might prefer it quaint, so it is better when buying for someone, to inquire on the best preference so as not to waste a bounty on least appreciation.

The brilliantly round,princess and the emerald are the most reviewed market hits.

People with personalities considered non-traditional personality is also better suited for non -traditional shapes like Oval, marquise,heart and pear.

The best judgement to use at all times is never to purchase quality in the range of poor to fair. Especially if meant for engagement rings and other gifts.Their lack of brilliance is a huge turnoff.

The Orchidea Cut Clarity

When it comes to diamond, the clarity refers to the purity index. Common Orchidea Cut diamonds have blemishes on the surface, but the class regarded as of extreme high quality bear no visible blemish and are flawless. At the time of purchase, it is good to request the jeweller to provide a view on the grade of the stone so as to judge the quality better, Generally the Gemological Institute of America have a grading report for each course of stone. Stone grades considered VVS1 TO VVS2 for the highest quality grades that ultimately are highly expensive.

The VS1 OR VS2 grades are noted to have minor blemishes not visible to the human eye.

S11 OR S12 ratings describe stones with with the minor blemish that can be easily spotted with a magnifier and are more affordable.

The Color

Fancy Orchidea Cut diamonds with red and pink hue are considered rare diamonds which are really expensive and beautiful. Generally , colorless diamonds are of good quality while yellow colored ones are on the average. It is considered that diamonds with medium fluorescence or strong fluorescence are normally discounted and better affordably.

The Carat Weight

The weight of every diamond or its size is usually measured in carat. Orchidea Cut Diamonds with more carat are also more expensive. However, this should only come into consideration after every other index have been reviewed. A heavy weight does not always mean a higher quality.

Carat Range for popular consideration

Engagement rings are a class of well reviewed diamond jewelry and are a popular hit with the rich and influential as well. Half carat to 2 carat is a common range of acceptable rings.

People who are not size conscious especially the ladies will prefer a higher quality and lesser size. In this case, it is better to seek the opinion of the recipient or get to know it ahead of time if you want to keep the element of surprise.

Never forget that the size of the finger matters. A big size will do no fit for a small finger. So this detail must be ascertained before the shopping.

Good Practice Before Shopping Diamond Jewelry

There are good hinges to rotate on before you go on diamond jewelry shopping . These include;

*Setting a Budget

It is good to set a budget for diamond jewelry shopping. This helps to get your money’s worth for any class you end up buying.

* Research your prefernce

It is better you do a research on your preference and hue before you start out shopping. This will reduce the chances of been cheated.

* Compare Outlets

It is better to shop around and visit competing outlets to ensure that the best bargain possible is what you get. But as a preventive measure against dupes, visit only reputable sellers.

*Never conclude transactions on the Internet for Orchidea Cut Diamonds

The number of fabulous fakes is on the increase these days, so it is wise not to conclude on the Internet rather, agree on a sample online if necessary and arrange for physical verification of the quality.

* Insist on GIA reports

It is a good to insist on grading reports from the GIA.This will enable you to avoid phoney claims and not lose money.

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