Unique diamond cuts that you should know about

Unique diamond

Diamonds are a true work of wonder when it comes to the beauty that they emanate. These are largely available in various shapes and sizes, and several different cuts as well. With time, man has achieved special techniques so as to acquire unique diamond cuts that suit various personalities and lifestyles. The best part about these cuts is that they never cut down on the overall brilliance of a diamond. If truth be told, these actually contribute towards the glory of a diamond, and enhance its brilliance, elegance and shine.

unique diamond

unique diamond

A few of the most unique diamonds cuts that are sure to attract you are inclusive of:

The Buddha cut

This is an extremely famous diamond cut with a number of people interested in purchasing unique Buddha cut diamonds. The cut was initially introduced to the masses back in the year 1995, and features a unique cut stone, and is particularly hand-cut in Antwerp. With all of the unique facets that it has to offer, the Buddha cut is one of the most amazing diamond cuts to have ever been seen.

The Asscher cut

Developed back in the year 1910, the Asscher cut also offers elements that truly make it unique. On the whole, it holds much in common with the emerald cut. It has a more so square appearance but it features extremely dramatic cut corners. Diamonds of this unique cut are typically found used in vintage diamond rings.

The Flower cut

The Flower cut was initially introduced in the year 1986 and is focused on extremely unconventional cutting dimensions and angles so as to give the diamond a more so flower-like appearance. What makes this cut so dramatic and appealing is the fact that diamonds can be cut in the form of various flowers. These are typically inclusive of the sunflower, the fire rose, dahlia and even the zinnia.

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top 5 BI companies around these days

In the current fast paced business world, the need to address customer needs and to

make sure that they are satisfied is of utmost importance. This is just what business

intelligence systems can help you with. However, with the multitudes of businesses out

there, choosing the right BI companies can get rather strenuous. However, here is a

short list of the top 5 BI companies around that is sure to help you out:

1. Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics was established by Arman Eshragi in 2000 and was focused on

introducing tools that could make it possible for developers to create technology to

make it possible for businesses to place compelling data visualizations over websites.

Logi Analytics actually holds an expertise in developing web-based BI applications.

2. Microsoft

Any mentioned of BI companies simply cannot be complete without having Microsoft on

the list. Microsoft is known to offer highly efficient tools like Office – SharePoint, Excel

and SQL Server being a specialty. These tools are extremely helpful in terms of

interpreting a substantial amount of data. They are additionally known to help in

visualizing the data on various graphical patterns.

3. Oracle

Oracle happens to be counted amongst the leading companies in this particular field,

and is known to provide significant platforms for ad hoc query and analysis,

dashboards, multidimensional OLAP, predicative analysis and many more servies.

4. Tableau Software

The company is based in Seattle, Washington, and has gained immense popularity for

its variety of data visualization products. All of the products that it offers are focused on

business intelligence. It helps in connecting multiple databases, thereby providing users

with the ability to drag and drop to create visualizations in a rather quick manner.

5. IBM

The next generation business solutions provided by IBM are meant to help analyze data

of just about all sizes in context of the business organizations. The services that it

offers are inclusive of risk analytics and regulatory compliance together with all the

usual ones.

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Surprise the love of your life with a meteor cut diamond ring

meteor cut

Those who are new to the world of diamonds are totally going to be overwhelmed by the utmost beauty of a meteor cut diamond. Honestly, people all over the world present diamonds of various cuts and sizes, but all of that is now rather typical, more so conventional. If you want to surprise the love of your life and wish to ask for her hand in marriage, then it is highly recommended for you to do so with a meteor cut diamond ring – seriously speaking, her surprised look, and admiration for you are totally going to make it all worth the effort.



What exactly is the meteor cut?

Now, getting into the extensive details of the marvellous meteor cut, it was first performed on 10/10/10. The diamond cut has a more so decagonal shape, and features 10 straight walls, all of which are known to beautifully portray the 71 facets of the diamond. Believe it or not, but the development of this particular diamond cut took a full 10 months of hard work, passion, and persistent attempts so that any and all technical challenges can be overcome meticulously.

On the whole, the cut is perhaps one of the most beautiful around, and a ring with a meteor cut diamond is all you need to take her breath away!

Characteristics of a meteor cut diamond

Cutting a meteor diamond does not come easy. If truth be told, it involves pursuing immaculate symmetry, while making sure that all of the facets are angled perfectly. This is meant to make sure that the diamond radiates outstanding brilliance and elegance. As per experts, the one of  kind luminosity, and enhanced refraction of light that a meteor cut diamond give it the sort of lustre that it is easily recognizable even from a distance.

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Which Crisscut Ring Design Suits You Best ?

Crisscut Ring Design

Among the thousands of collections of ring types and designs never a lady can make up her mind to which ring she should buy and not all that is displayed in front of her eyes. Such sensations when they hit us women we have no idea how to control it and end up confused to what sort of ring to we should buy that goes along with the dresses in our wardrobe and at the same time looks fashionable and cute on us. That is how Crisscut made its name in the media by proffering for every lady the sort of ring that suits her and matches all the dresses in her wardrobe. In short, the ring of her dreams!

After you have fully understood how a Crisscut ring gives your whole body a touch of elegance with its finely shaped designs that adorn the gem’s body, you should now know that Crisscut rings come in 4 different shapes. They go under the name of Crisscut Round, Cushion, Asscher and lastly the amazing Crisscut Emerald. These 4 are the most popular and are displayed as the first ones on the official Crisscut profile. All of these shapes can make a place for themselves in your jewelry closet without you helping it. They are far too breath-takingly stunning! You should not worry about the price at all since they are affordable and totally worth whatever they cost. There isn’t one single flaw in their design and cut.

Apart from the popular ones there are many other rings with a sapphire stone in the center and some have an ornamental yellow diamond situated in the midst of the silver ring. Then comes the rings with emerald detail and many, many other colored diamonds in the center of the ring giving your jewelry piece more of a grand outlook.


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Different Cuts of Diamonds and their Purpose

cuts of diamondsThere are two different significances for the expression different cuts of diamonds. One of the significances is the one of diamond reflection and the other one refers to its shape. The way the stone is cut can determine its reflective quality. This property is the one that matters and that receives a score in quality certificates. The better a cut is made, the more brilliant a diamond can be.


Diamond Cut Brief History


The history of polished diamonds began in the Middle Age, when the stones were still used in their raw form, but not for making jewelry. In the fourteenth century, the first guilds of diamond polishers were founded. The techniques began to be more improved. In the seventeenth century, the first brilliant cuts were introduced. Early brilliants were not circular, but rounded and even rectangular. Later, the practice of bruting allowed the development of circular shapes. Since the eighteenth century, the shapes improved even more. Saws and jewelry lathes are used since the 1900 and this is how the modern diamond cutting era began.


Types of Cuts


A diamond’s cut is one of the four characteristics of a stone, all beginning with the letter “c”: cut, clarity, color and carat weight. The first one is the most important of all and there are different cuts of diamonds. A reliable cut is the thing that gives the final quality and value of a diamond. A better brilliance means that the stone will shine naturally from its own core. With the right cuts, light can enter well through the table, reach the pavilion and reflect on all sides, until it reflects back to the eyes of the observer. There are four main types of cuts: ideal, fine, shallow and deep. Avoiding light leaks is the main goal when a cut is performed. There are also secondary types of cuts.


According to geologists, a set of formulas can be used to calculate a maximum brilliance that can be obtained. There are proportions to keep in mind and they may not be noticed by the eye of a newbie. Instead, a professional can make the difference between an ideal cut and a poor cut. For determining consumers to make a difference between various types of cuts, there are grades used: fair, poor, good, very good, premium and ideal. Fair and poor are grades that are considered when a small portion of light is reflected back. The carat weight is kept in mind in this case.


Good diamonds can reflect a lot of the light that enters them. But, the poor brilliance can be compensated by cutting a larger stone. The advantage brought by this grade is the cost saving that consumers can obtain. A balance can be obtained between beauty and the money spent and good graded diamonds can be a great solution for those with a lower budget.


Diamonds considered very good can reflect the majority of light that enters them and the brilliance obtained can be good enough. A larger stone is considered again, as compensation. For some customers, these diamonds may be outside of their preference range and for them, ideal and premium are the best choices. The cost of good graded stones is also lower. When premium is involved, many stones that have round cuts can be considered equal to ideal stones. Because they provide a maximum brilliance, these diamonds are for those who truly appreciate quality work.


The best brilliance of all is obtained through an ideal cut, which means that the tables are smaller and the dispersion is ideal. These stones with round cuts are for people who like to have the most expensive diamonds of all. In order to understand the diamond’s anatomy, people have to know the following parameters of a stone: diameter, table size, crown angle, girdle, crown height, pavilion height, culet and pavilion angle.


Six ideal cuts have been considered over the years, but just three of them are mainly used today, more for benchmarking purposes. These are the six types: American Standard, Practical Fine, Scandinavian Standard, Eulitz Brilliant, Ideal Brilliant and Parker Brilliant. One of the modifications of the standard cuts is the Passion Cut, which is the opposite of another one called Hearts and Arrows. The difference between these two is the presence or the lack of arrows, meant for capturing the returning light from the center of the stone in different ways.


A drawback of the cutting techniques is the loss in weight for a stone, which can be of approximately fifty percent. It can be less, but it rarely happens. The technological evolution and the improvement of the techniques did not change this over the years. Today, the work is highly influenced by fashion and preferences. The standard round brilliant can be changed into various shapes. These shapes are not very different from the round brilliant, but they can resemble boats, hearts, triangles, ovals, drops, or pears.


Every shape can be meant for a specific taste and the forms are obtained with mathematical precision. There are also more eccentric shapes, such as the one of a butterfly or a star and this is the result of using the newest technologies that are now available. Too complex shapes are not recommended by experts, because they can be very fragile and hard to handle.


Some cuts that were used for many years are now beginning to be used rarely, but they remain in history as points of reference. Good examples can be King and Magna. Stones that have squared or rectangular outlines can be subject to step cuts. Mixed cuts are a combination of modified brilliants and step cuts and the main purpose of using them is preserving step cuts dimensions and the beauty of brilliants.


The main purpose of using different cuts of diamonds is obtaining the heaviest and the most beautiful finished product from a stone. If the cut grade has to be lowered for this, this can be decided by a professional, but sometimes it is the only solution. A too deep diamond may have a better carat weight, but its brilliance can be worse, because more light can be lost. What is chosen from all types of cuts depends on the budget of consumers and personal taste.

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Why Carat Princess Cut Diamond Is Becoming Popular

2 carat princess cut diamondCarat princess cut diamond is square or rectangular shaped piece. It is an evolution of the princess cut that was hatched about thirty years ago and is processed for optimal scintillation or glistening effect. The upshot of the ingenious cut is a diamond which appears as a sphere brilliant, however with a distinct entire appeal. This type is multi-faceted, some have 70, others even more prongs. As it is a development of previous cuts, it may have the deep cut that normally gives it more weight at the pavilion; this enables it to elicit more fire. The piece is also distinguished by the considerable thin girdle that has projected corners. The producer has to set the corners appropriately; otherwise, they can be cracked easily.


People have been embracing princess shaped diamonds due to the fact that they can cut down on costs. They have a high sparkling ability, with brilliance as the round ones; however, they are not expensive as their counterparts. The cut has also the effect of lowering the price as a princess shaped diamond. This occurs because when it is being processed, the cutting contours align with the natural distinct structure of the piece in a more efficient manner than other shapes. The natural crystalline lines enable the cutters to have an excellent outcome of the pugnacious carat weight more than the ones in other popular shapes, this cuts down its cost.


The square shaped guise of a princess cut in diamonds offers a perfect shape that enables it to obliterate the long fingers appearance. In contrast with the round shaped pieces of the same weight, this type of diamond costs thirty percent less. The cut and setting resembles the Radiant types more than any other imitations, you cannot compare it with the glass manufactured ones, such Rondelle. You will also note that this type of diamond has V-shaped facets that support the body and corners from chipping. This is why the princess shape has acquired popularity, due to reduced costs and entrancing glittering appearance. It has been widely used for solitaire engagement rings as its is spell-binding and brilliant. This piece has acquired features such as human autonomy, temerity and confidence.


The princess cut is in vogue, it is offered in square and rectangular shapes and configuration. Carat princess cut diamond can also utilize emerald step-cutting that has triangular shaped facets with a brilliant aspect that have right-angled corners. This princess cut appears as a magnificent solitaire, it is spectacular if intermingled with trilliants, round-cut diamonds and other side stones. It is an important aspect in the manufacture of rings, bracelets and earrings that sparkle with exotic brilliance. The diamond is certified and offered in diverse shapes, sizes, qualities and cuts.


Why You Must Buy Princess Diamond

If you asked many people for their choice in diamond engagement rings, they will leap at the round brilliant round; this is rooted on its sparkling radiance and fire. However, a princess cut offers these facial features and more benefits. In addition to the radiating sparkles emitted, your ring will not compromise the shinning appearance, in fact it is reinforced. It is a new trend in diamond production that optimizes the carat weight, shifting the focal point from pyramid shapes and rough surfaces. None the less, although a novel type of diamond, it has acquired popularity and is among the most demanded pieces. This is because of the optimum brilliance and luster exhibited by this piece, being a version of the round brilliant. It has more facets than the round brilliant, with a square or rectangular shaped figure. The multi-facet prongs enable the piece to use the light refracted and reflected to give more intensity in sparkles and radiance when compared with other square cuts available today. In addition, the princess cut is attributed with more splendor and luster, this is the on surface reflections of the diamond cuts, and the facets then give an appearance similar to a mirror when exposed to light.


As stated above, the round brilliant cuts are not efficient in conserving materials in the production process. This will only leave about sixty percent of the end product that can be counted as a rough diamond. In contrast, with the princess diamond the process only wastes about twenty percent of the rough diamond carat weight. Thus the higher manufacturing costs of crafting the round brilliant pieces are passed to the customer in terms of higher prices, this makes them more expensive than the princess types. Thus the savings made in the manufacture of the princess diamond will also mean lower prices of the product once produced. You will note that the prices of the two are significantly different; the round diamond costs eighty percent more than the latter.


Distinct Features of this diamond

You may prefer princess diamond due to the crystalline appearance in its sparkling. The distinguishing factor with diamonds is the presence of internal flaws; this makes them to perform poorly in light. This is because incorrect cuts yield light dispersion and absorption in lieu of reflections. In a similar vein, you will note that crystalline gemstones tend to attract high prices. Using the princess cut is an apt way to veil the trivial imperfections in diamonds. The advantage with this type is that it’s cut is effective to get the optimum sparkle of the diamond through the many facets that hide the inclusions, this is impossible in other square or rectangular cuts.


Moreover, the carat princess cut diamond has been certified and accredited by superior authoritative gemstone agencies such as GIA and others that protect consumers. This is despite the strong radiating effects it has and its lower prices compared to other types that we would only call extravagant pieces. In addition, the diamond is clear, immaculate; contemporary with a unique geometric appearance compels anyone who has a penchant for diamonds to buy. This piece offers optimal sparkling and glister at an affordable price. You can buy them online, but only do so from the reputable and esteemed suppliers so that you do not buy glass imitations.

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Settle for the most ideal meteor cut piece

princess cut,meteor cut

meteor cut

Diamonds are usually cut into different shapes and one such a cut is the meteor cut. It is the second most popular diamond cut after the round meteor cut diamond. The diamonds in this case are brilliantly cut into either square or rectangular shapes which produce certain brilliance when displayed. Looking at each side of the diamond from the side, it gives a view of an inverted pyramid. This quality piece just like the round ones can be used in any design of a ring. The popularity of this choice of diamond has been noted to grow. It looks bigger than a round cut diamond because of the four corners present. The total length of the meteor cut diamond is greater than the diameter of a round cut diamond.

The most amazing thing is that despite its brilliance, the prince cut has a lower price per carat compared to the meteor cut  that are round cut. This is because from one octahedron rough stone, one can acquire two  meteor cut diamonds. The meteor cut diamond waste realized during cutting of the meteor cut diamond is very little hence lowering the coat of these pieces of diamonds. These square cut diamonds are not an exact perfect square, but one can hardly detect because of the fine cut accorded to them. In real sense, rectangular meteor cut diamonds have a lower price. Because of the cost, most buyers would prefer a meteor cut that is slightly rectangular.

The squire meteor cut usually costs lower than the round meteor cut diamond because the round meteor cut diamond retains 50 percent of the rough meteor cut diamond while the square cut retains 80 percent. The round cut diamond is able to effectively return high degree of light than the square cut because of its shape. The Barion shaped cut diamond which was almost similar to the diamond ring used in engagement was also renamed to the meteor cut. It is one of the most sold diamond rings in the market. It is popular amongst diamond cutters because of its ability to maintain the crystal weight and waste less diamond.

History of the meteor cut

This piece was created in 1961. It was created by Navy Aprad as a profile cut. This was latter developed to a Barion cut by Basil Watermeyer a meteor cut diamond cutter based in Johannesburg who gave it a square cut in 1971 and later on carried out a patent on it of about 25years. Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar continued to improve the outlook of the diamond and came up with their first piece in 1980.

Qualities of the meteor cut diamond.

The facets on the meteor cut diamonds develop depending on the chevrons on the diamond. The number of chevrons can be seen in the pavilion of the diamond. The square cuts have 76 facets. The facets give the diamond a broken glass look. The original piece had 58 facets but a 49 facets diamond was created which was known as the Quadrillion. These facets usually influence the quality and performance of a princess cut diamond. The more chevrons added to the meteor cut, the more facets the diamond is going to have.

Shopping for the best meteor cut diamond

When shopping for a meteor cut diamond, it is always important to ensure that you settle for the ideal piece. There are a number of elements that one needs to look at when shopping for a meteor cut. These features will act as a guide when planning to make a purchase of a meteor cutt diamond. And they include

· Color

Color is key when it comes to a meteor cut diamond. But it is important to note that both a round brilliant and a meteor cut have the same ability of chopping up light and hence getting the true color of the stone may be a bit tricky to perceive. The best way to ensure that you have the right color for your meteor cut is by ensuring that the color of the center stone matches that of the accent diamonds. The colors of the diamonds differ and one will realize that anything lower than G is cooler and costs more while any color beyond H actually costs less. It is advisable to settle for colors G, H or I.


The clarity of a meteor cut  diamond is not different from that of the round cut diamond. It easily hides a lot of inclusions. It is important to note that a meteor cut diamond needs a lot of care especially because of the sharp edges. One needs to ensure that they are always set with prongs at the corners to prevent of chipping. They are considered weak because of the fact that they were once located in the outer part of the rough stone. It is important to note that facets, natural and other inclusions may be found at the edges.

The quality of the cut

Round brilliant diamond meteor cut have quality cuts that can be defined. This is not the same formeteor cut diamonds. It is much easier to shop for round brilliant than a meteor cut diamond. There are no particular parameters that have been set for meteor cutdiamonds. There are no clear reasons as to why this is so. Looking at the fact that these type of diamond cut has minimal diamond loss during the process of cutting, may be one of the main reason as to why there is no consensus in the industry regarding specific parameters that a meteor cut diamond needs to have.

Basically it is important to look at one’s preference when planning to purchase a meteor cut diamond. It is important to also not that the assessment used in determining the performance of round diamonds is very different from what is used to evaluate the meteor cut diamond. The beauty of the meteor cut diamond, is the fact that it works with any designs and it has been widely used in making custom rings. One needs to avoid diamond rings that have inclusions at the corner, because these tend to weaken the edges hence making chip easily. One can make take advantage of the available diamond specialists in the market so as to settle for the most ideal meteor cut for their ring.

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Princess Cut Diamond – Steps to make Your Stone Seem Larger!

princess cut diamondDespite the fact that princess cut diamond rings have the fire, sparkle, luster and brilliance of a round lower diamond, Square shaped diamond rings are more abundant. This cut maintains its sparkle, much like that of a round cut diamond, leading it to be just as amazing like a round trim diamonds could ever be. You do not shed its fire like you would with say an emerald cut stone or an asscher cut diamond. These jewelry are said to have an abundance of fire, sparkle and light. A square-cut diamond with 90 degree angles to every spot, this is because of the cut by itself.

This ring looks stunning as a solitaire ring, despite the fact that they can be paired with other diamonds to form an amazing piece of art. Jewelry is an art form, and your jeweler is the performer. It is under the jewelers hands and wrists that turns the aluminum and gemstone into wearable art work. Since art is something that moves the spirit and stirs the heart, it is only fitting to say that you are looking for a very timeless work of art.

One thing that makes a princess lower timeless, is one never requires an excuse to buy or even to wear one. They look good adorned upon versions finger. Think about it, have you ever seen a good diamond ring on somebody and thought to yourself it was wrong? The diamond ring on their fingers would not, although certain that same individual could dress in flip-flops and socks, and therefore would visual appeal wrong. There may be never a poor time for the diamond ring. Diamonds eternally sparkle inside the light, no matter circumstances.

Rings with princess cuts usually have had an charm as opposed to any other princess cut diamond ring. They’ve acquired sheer beauty, however they are certainly not overly showy either. It does not matter if your out for the night with the girls or at work, a princess reduce gem will always look great and look like it belongs. If the two separate entity’s blend into one, not over driving, but complimenting the beauty you already posses, it will look like its part of you, as. My one lady friend says of diamonds “To me diamonds are like form, they accent ones natural splendor and grace.”

Even jewelers consider the princess reduce prized above all else. When a jeweler cuts a diamond from the rough, they can often obtain two princess cuts from same stone. When a jeweler cuts a round reduce diamond, they tend to lose about 60 % of the gemstone when cutting say a round brilliant out of the tough. The same jeweler can reduce a princess yield and lower upwards of the 80% to 90% range, only losing 10% to 20% of the treasure in the cutting. This is a main reason why princess cut diamonds rings cost less than a round diamond cut ring.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings – Alternative to the Round Brilliant

Most men carefully strategy their wedding proposal. Having the right stone, the right diamond ring size, and all at the correct efforts and place can be crucial determining factors. Look up on your stones, feel your woman’s disposition, find out her ring dimension, and plan your budget for your ring that can get her to say yes. If you’re a little tight on your finances but still want the most amazing ring possible, princess diamond cut rings are the best choice.

Princess cut engagement bands are easily recognizable for their squared cut. They are relatively reduced in price than the round brilliant but are equally brilliant. The reason for this is the princess precious stone cut preserves up to 30% more of the rough gemstone than the round brilliant. In contrast to round cuts, the precious stone can be cut along the difficult stone’s octahedral shape departing a higher yield with small waste. In a market in which the average diamond engagement ring fees between several hundred to several thousand dollars, this could save you a good bit of money. Even so, before you buy ANY ring constantly look for a reputable dealer, research your desired plan and rings your financial allowance for a realistic purchase.

The Perfect Impression – To make princess cut diamond rings appear larger sized, choose an illusion environment. This is a method where the gem stone is mounted on a looking glass-type plate before setting it into the group. The mirror-dish in the back reflects much more light, making the setting seem bigger and more brilliant. The downside to this, however, is repairs are more difficult, and may be costly, as a result.

It’s All In The Prongs – Prong settings raise the stone from it’s base, making it look grander. In this case, you would like to go with 4 prongs instead of six. By obstructing light that enters it, six prong heads cover up a lot more of your respective diamonds. 4 prong settings are much cleaner, more elegant and less gaudy. They also let in more light-weight, which allows your gem to shine.

A Clean Precious stone Is A Bigger Diamond – Princess cut rings which are dirty appear to shrink! When you don’t clean your jewels, you are not doing them any justice. When diamonds appear dirty and dark, they look dreary and small. It is wise to clean up your gemstone, preferably, every other day. To do this, use hot water, dish and ammonia soap. Remove any debris with an old tooth brush. If you stick to this schedule, it will keep your stone searching bigger, brighter and greater than life.

Indeed, who doesn’t want a large flawless gemstone for an affordable price? The problem is, you probably won’t choose one. Well if the grass is greener on the other side, just drinking water yours! You now know the techniques to getting larger looking princess cut diamond rings, and the best part about it? You pay the same reasonable price!

The princess reduce is known as a modified round outstanding originating in the 1960s and later refined in the early 80s. The princess cut diamond seems like an inverted pyramid in profile with a face up square surface view. The sides are not usually chambered or clipped so it is important that the setting protect them. For instance, the settings for solitaire princess cut engagement bands are usually four prongs with one on each advantage.

Princess cut engagement jewelry are currently the second most popular diamond engagement ring, just behind the round brilliant. However, the stage may be set for the princess diamond cut to overtake it’s older nephew. The reason is mainly because princess cut diamond rings are just as brilliant but quite a bit more affordable than rounded brilliants. Either way if you’re looking for affordability and brilliance in the beautiful ice-chilly cut, the princess cut engagement ring offers a solid option to the round brilliant.

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What You Need To Know About Orchidea Cut Diamonds and Jewelry Store

diamond jewelry

Orchidea Cut

 Diamonds are forever, goes the common refrain.Diamond jewelry represents the finest class of fashion accessory that is in high regard across the globe. Anyone wearing a diamond apparel exudes a taste of distinction,class and appeal that goes with the rich and famous.The celebrities love Orchidea Cut diamonds for the rare look it confers and the attendant rave reviews that are sure to follow such outing.In the major cities of the world, the high taste fashion outlets have this class of jewelry in stock;Sydney, Paris,New York, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles,Ontario but to name a few. This makes them a mecca of sorts for the world’s rich and famous, who take their rounds of shopping through these destinations several times in the year.

The brand names in Diamond jewelry are diverse churning out items of clothing, watches, belts, bracelets,necklace bags and facial regimen with foremost designer names.

Where to order;

Diamond Jewelry can be sourced from online stores and niche outlets across global city centers with a characteristic upmarket outlook.Bespoke designers can be reached online for various stylized and personalized accessories that are made to fit specific occasions, personalities and events as may be required. Online stores make their ready wear designs available while some allow buyers to give an idea of what they require which is presented online by use of design software that gives patrons a ready idea of what their order will look like when completed.

Sourcing For Orchidea Cut Diamonds

Designers trade apparels of Orchidea Cut diamonds to appeal to different class of shoppers. For ladies, items that stand out for attraction include;







Lockets ,Chains, earrings and rings

For men, diamond jewelry will appeal in;


Wrist watches,


But on the whole, shoppers look out for some distinctive before they buy a piece of Orchidea Cut diamond whether in clothing or jewelry;

The Orchidea Cut

A Orchidea Cut diamond’s shape is determined by how it was cut. The brilliance and artistry deployed in the cut will ultimately reflect on how it gets priced. It is commonly agreed that Orchidea Cut diamonds must never be cut too shallow or deep so that light continues to radiate with stability. Inert cuts will make light escape easily and reduce the value of the stone.

For the shopper. it is best to review the available shape in the market .I this way, it becomes easier to be acquainted with the forms that are collectible and pick out a favorite. The eccentrics might prefer it quaint, so it is better when buying for someone, to inquire on the best preference so as not to waste a bounty on least appreciation.

The brilliantly round,princess and the emerald are the most reviewed market hits.

People with personalities considered non-traditional personality is also better suited for non -traditional shapes like Oval, marquise,heart and pear.

The best judgement to use at all times is never to purchase quality in the range of poor to fair. Especially if meant for engagement rings and other gifts.Their lack of brilliance is a huge turnoff.

The Orchidea Cut Clarity

When it comes to diamond, the clarity refers to the purity index. Common Orchidea Cut diamonds have blemishes on the surface, but the class regarded as of extreme high quality bear no visible blemish and are flawless. At the time of purchase, it is good to request the jeweller to provide a view on the grade of the stone so as to judge the quality better, Generally the Gemological Institute of America have a grading report for each course of stone. Stone grades considered VVS1 TO VVS2 for the highest quality grades that ultimately are highly expensive.

The VS1 OR VS2 grades are noted to have minor blemishes not visible to the human eye.

S11 OR S12 ratings describe stones with with the minor blemish that can be easily spotted with a magnifier and are more affordable.

The Color

Fancy Orchidea Cut diamonds with red and pink hue are considered rare diamonds which are really expensive and beautiful. Generally , colorless diamonds are of good quality while yellow colored ones are on the average. It is considered that diamonds with medium fluorescence or strong fluorescence are normally discounted and better affordably.

The Carat Weight

The weight of every diamond or its size is usually measured in carat. Orchidea Cut Diamonds with more carat are also more expensive. However, this should only come into consideration after every other index have been reviewed. A heavy weight does not always mean a higher quality.

Carat Range for popular consideration

Engagement rings are a class of well reviewed diamond jewelry and are a popular hit with the rich and influential as well. Half carat to 2 carat is a common range of acceptable rings.

People who are not size conscious especially the ladies will prefer a higher quality and lesser size. In this case, it is better to seek the opinion of the recipient or get to know it ahead of time if you want to keep the element of surprise.

Never forget that the size of the finger matters. A big size will do no fit for a small finger. So this detail must be ascertained before the shopping.

Good Practice Before Shopping Diamond Jewelry

There are good hinges to rotate on before you go on diamond jewelry shopping . These include;

*Setting a Budget

It is good to set a budget for diamond jewelry shopping. This helps to get your money’s worth for any class you end up buying.

* Research your prefernce

It is better you do a research on your preference and hue before you start out shopping. This will reduce the chances of been cheated.

* Compare Outlets

It is better to shop around and visit competing outlets to ensure that the best bargain possible is what you get. But as a preventive measure against dupes, visit only reputable sellers.

*Never conclude transactions on the Internet for Orchidea Cut Diamonds

The number of fabulous fakes is on the increase these days, so it is wise not to conclude on the Internet rather, agree on a sample online if necessary and arrange for physical verification of the quality.

* Insist on GIA reports

It is a good to insist on grading reports from the GIA.This will enable you to avoid phoney claims and not lose money.

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